Horticulture is integral to our  garden club.  

What to include here?   Should flower shows be it's own page, or should it be part of Horticulture?


GCA Horticulture Mission

Rooted within the very core of the Garden Club of America mission, the Horticulture Committee stimulates knowledge and a love of gardening by sponsoring lectures, demonstrations, meetings, and projects, and by disseminating horticultural information to GCA clubs and the general public.

Plant propagation

How to propagate shrubs.....


Collecting Seeds

As perennials finish blooming there is an opportunity to collect seeds for the coming year which can be used in your own garden or shared with others.

How to....


Gardening Resources?

Chester County has a wealth of nurseries. We could list some here, or make them their own page and reference them anywhere.


Advice for entering flower shows

Submitting entries to a flower show is challenging and rewarding.  Some things to keep in mind....